This Month at (un)told

October (un)told: Ghosts in the Attic

Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 7:30PM
The Royal Oak (318 Bank Street)

(un)told Ghosts in the Attic

There’s a chill in the air… And while some people may be quick to blame that noise on a loose shutter or the howling wind, you know better. Sceptics and believers alike are invited to October’s (un)told where we will unpack your personal ghost stories in advance of Halloween and all things haunted. Or maybe it’s not a ghost story, but a family story that has long been stuffed away, forgotten over the years. Until now. So blow off the dust and walk towards the light – it’s time to share your Ghosts in the Attic!

Sign up to tell your story based on the theme Ghosts in the Attic by sending a short pitch in 2-3 sentences to Stories should be maximum 7 minutes long, and told without notes or props. A microphone and stand are provided at the venue. Admission is FREE.


All of our monthly themes for the season can be found on our webpage, so now there’s no excuse not to prepare and share your own personal short story!

We will now be welcoming donations in any amount in support of Ottawa StoryTellers who provide (un)told programming all season long! The donation box will be there, but seriously, no pressure. We just love your company. And also your spare change. But mostly you.

(un)told is a monthly event featuring personal stories told live in a relaxed setting without notes, sets, or props. It’s the kind of night where everyone has something interesting to say. Contact us at:|(613) 322-8336


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