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January (un)told: Love & Sex in the 21st Century

Sunday, January 26, 2019 at 7:30PM
The Royal Oak (318 Bank Street)

Computer Love (un)told

Love just ain’t the same as it used to be. How did people even date before the internet?! This January we want to hear your stories of Love & Sex in the 21st Century. Do you have a story about meeting the person of your dreams online, only to discover things weren’t quite as advertised IRL? Or maybe you fumbled your Bumble, resulting in a missed connection? OkCupid, this is the place to gather round the glowing Tinder and share some ghosting stories. Pause looking for LTRs in a world of Apps – this is the live experience you’ve been waiting for. The whole evening is Hinge-ing on your personal stories, so swipe right on (un)told this January!

Sign up to tell your story based on the theme Love & Sex in the 21st Century by sending a short pitch in 2-3 sentences to Stories should be maximum 7 minutes long, and told without notes or props. A microphone and stand are provided at the venue. Admission is FREE.

(un)told is held the last Sunday of the month from September-June

All of our monthly themes for the season can be found on our webpage, so now there’s no excuse not to prepare and share your own personal short story!
Peer pressure: C’mon – everyone’s doin’ it…

(un)told is a monthly event featuring personal stories told live in a relaxed setting without notes, sets, or props. It’s the kind of night where everyone has something interesting to say. Contact us at:|(613) 322-8336


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