Un (told) Series Act Two: UNDERDOGS

Un(told) Series: A monthly Ottawa event featuring original stories told live From a paranoid dog, over to a Jam-Jamboree, through three sets of hurdles and on route to St. John’s just in time to meet a blind lamb survivor named Hattie, the new un (told) story series – put on by the Ottawa Story Tellers (OST) – took the audience on quite a journey. The theme of the night was underdogs and everything you have read up until now took place on stage the night of March 24, 2014 at the Daily Grind. If you were unable to make it, or you were able to make it but would like a quick recap of the night you’re in luck. Our team recorded some of the magic from the show and posted it here just for you.

SETTING THE STAGE Setting the stage for a good story night is key. It requires:

1. A Great Space Daily Grind We were located at the Daily Grind: an art café where you can purchase anything from lattes and beers to full-fledged breakfasts and dinners. Oh and did we mention the Daily Grind also bakes their own bread with locally milled natural flours. Can I get a whoop whoop?

2. A Great Host We had an incredibly entertaining and witty host for the evening who goes by the name of Ruthanne Edward. As you can probably tell, Ruthanne is not afraid to take things literally…. literally. Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.57.51 PM 3. An eclectic group of listeners AudienceCheck out these listeners… a story is nothing without listeners! OUR JOURNEY As was mentioned above, our audience members went on quite a journey thanks to five volunteer storytellers who made the night possible by sharing with us their best UNDERDOG stories. From paranoid dogs to blind survivor lambs, the night went a little something like this:

Story: Willow, my crazy collie & Storyteller: Ruthanne Edward

Host Ruth

Our host started the night off with quite a “trip” and by the end of said “trip” we were fairly confident that the participants walked away with a new found piece of advice and that was this: When throwing away your special brownies – in those rare cases where throwing out brownies is understandable – make sure to ensure you throw them someplace your dog can’t get into them. Unless that is you are up for leading a paranoid dog therapy session.

Story: Jam- Jamboree & Storyteller: Amazon SyrenST Amazon

Amazon Syren was up next. Her underdog story reminded us to never live an incompetent life as a result of someone else’s ego… even if it means taking on Mrs. Phillips, the English teacher, in the annual jam-jamboree.

Story: Because there was no chess club & Storyteller: Kate HuntST Kate

Kate Hunt took one for the team and shared an embarrassing, but incredibly endearing story about how she tried to make hurdles her portal to fitting in during grade school. You go girl – love MOM.

Story: Didn’t get my grant, how will I drink this year? & Storyteller: Glen Nuotio

ST Glen

Glen’s tale transported us all the way over to St. Johns as he revisited a night he had at the Ol’ Ship Inn. What happens in St. John’s stays in St. John’s, right Glen? Well what if it involves stealing Jan Arden’s birthday cake… then what?

 Story: The unfortunate tale of Maggot head Hattie & Storyteller: Caitlyn Paxson

ST Caitlyn                                  

Caitlyn (the artistic director of OST) was nice enough to let most of us finish eating our treats from the Daily Grind before closing the night with an unsettling yet reassuring story about a blind lamb named Hattie. A story that started with a dream of becoming a shepherdess suddenly transformed into a nightmare involving a blind lamb named Hattie and some maggots. But don’t worry, thanks to a new FB page that features top monthly lambs, Caitlyn has recently discovered that little Hattie is still kickin’ (and apparently winning awards!).


From paranoid dogs all the way to blind survivor lambs, I think it is safe to say that the audience left the second un(told) series evening cheering for the underdog; the paranoid underdog, the jamboree underdog, the hurdling underdog, the Jan Arden cake thief underdog, and of course the little lamb Hattie underdog. Thanks for everyone who made the journey possible; the tellers, the audience, the great staff at the Daily Grind, and of course OST for hosting.

If you want to catch our next show we’ll be back at the Daily Grind on April 28th at 8:00. The theme will be DISASTERS and we hope to see to there! That's all folkds This month’s story has been TOLD,


Ottawa Storytellers,

Un (told) Series

About (un)toldottawa

(un)told is a monthly Ottawa event featuring original stories told live. Candid and heartfelt, whimsical and extraordinary, (un)told features authentic stories told in an intimate setting without notes, sets, or props. Each show starts with a theme. An ensemble of tellers – anyone who has an inkling to tell a story, regardless of experience – explores the theme, often in unexpected ways. This isn’t stand-up, pontification, or abstract performance art. The stories are reflective and enlightening and have never been told in this way before. It’s like getting together with our most enigmatic and introspective friends to connect through the spoken word. (un)told happens the fourth Monday of most months in Ottawa.
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