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Looking for more storytelling around Ottawa and elsewhere? You’ve come to the right place.

Ottawa StoryTellers (OST) is your go-to hub for all things storytelling in the city. Holding dozens of events each year, including traditional and contemporary storytelling, workshops, theatre, and events for children and family. OST is a community-based organization of storytellers and listeners and always welcomes new members! Fans of (un)told might be interested in checking out the following events:

Speaking Out/Speaking In: A variety of storytellers, local and visiting, each bringing their own unique show to the stage. December to June at the NAC’s 4th Stage.

Story Swap: Also an open mic format, this is another opportunity for new and seasoned storytellers to share their stories, or for listeners to get a mixed bag of storytelling each night. The first Monday of every month.

Storytelling at the Tea Party: A cozy venue with intimate storytelling. The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

Seasonal events at Billings Estate Historic Site and Bytown Museum, including an annual murder-mystery, old time tent show, and stories of early Ottawa. See the website for details!

Want more storytelling at home or on the go? Check out these links to radio shows and podcasts that the (un)told folks are big fans of. We think you’ll like them, too.

About (un)toldottawa

(un)told is a monthly Ottawa event featuring original stories told live. Candid and heartfelt, whimsical and extraordinary, (un)told features authentic stories told in an intimate setting without notes, sets, or props. Each show starts with a theme. An ensemble of tellers – anyone who has an inkling to tell a story, regardless of experience – explores the theme, often in unexpected ways. This isn’t stand-up, pontification, or abstract performance art. The stories are reflective and enlightening and have never been told in this way before. It’s like getting together with our most enigmatic and introspective friends to connect through the spoken word. (un)told happens the fourth Monday of most months in Ottawa.
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