Full line-up announced for our special edition Fringe show!

As we hope you’ve heard by now, our next monthly open mic is a little different this June. For starters, it’s at a different venue from usual: we’ll be a few blocks away at Club SAW, at 67 Nicholas Street. The reason for this? We’re relocating (for this month only!) to the heart and soul of this year’s 2015 Ottawa Fringe Festival.

We’re pumped to be the night-time, complimentary entertainment at the Club Fringe, AKA the beer tent. The lager and the show reviews will be flowing in this venue most nights of the 10 day festival, and we’ll be serving up stories on the Monday, June 22.

A further difference for this month’s show is that it’s not quite the open mic format that we’ve had in the past – this time, it’s all Fringe artists who were invited to pitch us their stories on the theme On the Road. We’re excited about this format and the performers we’ve got lined up, who include:

Marissa Caldwell, who you can catch in Two Girls, One Corpse at Academic Hall

Martin Dockery, who brings his solo show Bursting Into Flames to Studio 311

Laurie Fyffe, who stars in The Secret Life of Emily/Frances at the Bytown Museum

Patrick Gauthier, Fringe Festival Director who has a few scintillating stories from his time on the Fringe circuit

Sandy Gibson, a performer of many talents (including puppetry!) who you can catch in Heart Puppetations at Studio 311

Greg Houston, our wildcard jack-of-all-comic-trades who you can catch at various open mic comedy events around town

Tania Levy, who has a long list of directing and other credits for shows that have toured Fringes across Canada

Emily Pearlman, whose original storytelling show I Think My Boyfriend Should Have an Accent takes place at ODD (Ottawa Dance Directive) Box

Hiroshi Shimizu, who comes all the way from Japan to stage Japanese Samurai Don Quixote Challenging Against English Giant Windmills!!! at Arts Court Theatre

Jocelyn Todd who you can catch in Damaged Goods at Arts Court Theatre

To RSVP to (un)told: On the Road, visit our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1620304698209930/

For information about Fringe venues and schedules, visit www.ottawafringe.com.

About (un)toldottawa

(un)told is a monthly Ottawa event featuring original stories told live. Candid and heartfelt, whimsical and extraordinary, (un)told features authentic stories told in an intimate setting without notes, sets, or props. Each show starts with a theme. An ensemble of tellers – anyone who has an inkling to tell a story, regardless of experience – explores the theme, often in unexpected ways. This isn’t stand-up, pontification, or abstract performance art. The stories are reflective and enlightening and have never been told in this way before. It’s like getting together with our most enigmatic and introspective friends to connect through the spoken word. (un)told happens the fourth Monday of most months in Ottawa.
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