Want to tell a story?

(un)told is always looking for people to tell stories at our monthly events.

We are a supportive and appreciative audience.  Pros and first-timers feel equally at ease at our open mic, and applause is never in short supply. (un)told is a community where all are welcome, and discrimination is not tolerated.

Our guidelines are simple:  It has to be true, and it has to be by you.  No notes.  No props. Tell it live.

Stories should be:

  • about 5 minutes long (try to keep it shorter than 7 minutes).
  • original – in others words, your original take on something.
  • told from memory. We’re not going to shun you for having crib notes in your hand, but seriously – TELL us the story from your heart, the way you’d tell it to your friends.
  • connected to the theme. Loose and varied interpretations are welcome (and encouraged!)

To sign up, email us at untold.ottawa@gmail.com with a few sentences about your story and why you want to tell it.