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Ottawa County GIS is your one stop shop for all your geospatial data needs. We provide data for businesses, governments, and individuals.

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What is Ottawa County GIS?

Ottawa County GIS is a web-based mapping application that provides access to geographic data and associated information for Ottawa County, Ohio. The application provides a variety of features and tools for users to view, query, and analyze data.

What is GIS?

GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is a computer system that allows you to capture, store, manipulate, analyze and display spatial data. In other words, it’s a way to turn data into information that can be used to make decisions.

GIS can be used for a wide variety of applications, including mapping crime hot spots, tracking the spread of diseases, identifying areas at risk for flooding or landslide and much more.

Ottawa County GIS is a division of the Ottawa County Department of Public Works. We provide GIS services to county departments and the general public. We maintain a large database of spatial data that can be used for a variety of purposes. We also offer custom map products and consult with county departments on GIS projects.

What is Ottawa County GIS?

Ottawa County GIS is a division of the Ottawa County Planning and Development Department. The mission of Ottawa County GIS is to provide accurate, timely, and cost effective GIS solutions in support of Ottawa County’s land use decision making process.

Ottawa County GIS provides a variety of GIS services to county departments, local municipalities, businesses, and the general public. These services include but are not limited to:

-Creating and maintaining accurate geo-spatial data
-Developing and implementing enterprise GIS solutions
-Supporting county departments with GIS analysis and decision making
-Providing mapping and spatial analysis consulting services
-Coordinating the development of countywide geo-spatial data sets
-Maintaining the County’s official address database

What services does Ottawa County GIS provide?

Ottawa County GIS provides a variety of services for gathering, storing, manipulating, and displaying geospatial data. We offer data in several formats, including Shapefiles, KML, and GeoJSON. We also offer a variety of tools for viewing and manipulating data, including our web map viewer, ArcGIS Online, and QGIS.

Data Collection

Ottawa County GIS is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a county-wide GIS. This includes the development of new data layers, as well as the integration and management of existing data. The office also provides training and support to county departments in the use of GIS technology. In addition, Ottawa County GIS produces a variety of maps and reports upon request, and provides direct assistance to the public.

Data Management

Ottawa County GIS provides many data management services to its clients. We can help you with your data needs whether you are just getting started with GIS or you are an experienced GIS user. We can provide you with custom data sets, create new data sets from scratch, or help you convert your existing data into a format that can be used in GIS. We can also help you maintain and update your data sets on an ongoing basis.

Data Analysis

Ottawa County GIS strives to provide the highest quality geospatial data possible to meet the needs of our customers. We offer a variety of data analysis services to ensure that our data is accurate and up-to-date. We also offer custom mapping services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Data Presentation

In addition to creating maps, the GIS staff is responsible for generating a variety of reports, both graphical and tabular. A few examples of the types of reports that we regularly create are:
-Mileage between two points
-Driving directions
-Location of features within a certain distance of another feature
-Demographic information about an area
-Elevation profiles

How can I access Ottawa County GIS?

Ottawa County GIS is a great resource for those in need of geospatial data. The website offers a wide variety of data sets that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. In addition to the data sets, Ottawa County GIS also offers a number of tools that can be used to manipulate and analyze the data.


The Ottawa County GIS- Your One Stop Shop for Geospatial Data is available online 24/7 from any internet connected device. The website is mobile friendly and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

In Person

The Ottawa County GYIS Department is located on the first floor of the Ottawa County Fillmore Street Complex. We are open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Fillmore Street Complex
12220 Fillmore Street
West Olive, MI 49460

What are the benefits of using Ottawa County GIS?

Ottawa County GIS is a powerful tool that can help you make better decisions. With Ottawa County GIS, you can easily find and visualize data that is important to you. You can also use Ottawa County GIS to create custom maps and share them with others.

Save time

Ottawa County GIS can save you time by providing easy access to the geospatial data you need. With our online tools, you can quickly find the data you need without having to search through multiple sources.

Save money

Ottawa County GIS can save your business money in a number of ways. Perhaps the most obvious way is that it can help you to save on printing costs. If you need to print out maps or other geospatial data, Ottawa County GIS can do it for you electronically, without the need for paper or ink.

In addition, Ottawa County GIS can help you to save money on field work. If you need to send someone out to collect data or take measurements, Ottawa County GIS can often do it remotely, without the need for travel. This can save you time and money on transportation and lodging costs.

Ottawa County GIS can also help you to save money by increasing your efficiency. If you are making decisions based on geospatial data, having accurate and up-to-date data can help you to make better decisions that lead to improved outcomes. In some cases, this could mean avoiding costly mistakes altogether. In other cases, it could simply mean making decisions that lead to better results, faster. Either way, using Ottawa County GIS can help your business save money.

Improve decision making

Ottawa County GIS provides a wide array of data that can be used to improve decision making. This data can be used to answer questions such as:
-What is the best location for a new business?
-Where are the areas of highest need?
-Which areas are growing the most?
-What areas are at risk for flooding?

This data can also be used to create maps that show patterns and trends, which can help guide decision making. For example, a map showing the location of all known contaminated sites in Ottawa County could be used to help guide development decisions.

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